Leadership (T& P Head Message)

The current era is the era of new thoughts and new start-ups with technological innovations. The modern educational world is frequently changed by the waves of innovation all around the world. In this dynamic phase, we have to work on new technologies. It is mandatory that the young minds of our country be nurtured and encouraged to be placed at the pinnacle of success.

With the growing demand for trained technocrats in the corporate world around the globe, we fulfil the vision of bridging the gap between academics and industry to meet the current demand for an eclectic and inclusive approach to producing professional technocrats. We are at the forefront of providing, apart from the university syllabus, value-added programmes in various domains like IOT, AI and machine learning, block chain, cyber security, big data, data science, etc. Based on it, students are actively working on the live projects, under the guidance of the faculty, developing e-vehicles, solid works, solar energy cells, etc. Robotics, Embedded Systems, VLSI, Building and Flyover Construction, Advanced Surveying Techniques, Agribusiness Management, Floriculture & Landscaping, Smart Farming, Vermin Composting, Apiculture, Food Processing, etc. are some of the domains where the students are gaining their expertise.

Haridwar University is one of the best universities in India that has evolved with time to be on par with the global educational world. The intelligence, high energy, and motivation of our students, as well as their challenging work environments, assure that they bring an added measure of professional ethics and knowledge to the classroom. The combination of bright, dedicated students and expert professional faculty results in a great learning environment.

Further, I express my sincere gratitude to all those organisations that have extended their active cooperation to the department in accomplishing its endeavour successfully. I indeed have a great honour to present the students to your esteemed organisations, and I look forward to your cooperation in the placement of our students.


Dr. Suresh Chand Bohidar
Training & Placement
Email: placement@huroorkee.ac.in