Exam Form

  1. Announcement:The university announces the availability of examination forms through various channels such as the university website, notice boards, emails.
  2. Distribution Locations: The university determines distribution locations where students can obtain the examination forms. These could include administrative offices, designated counters, or online portals.
  3. Availability Period: The university specifies the period during which the examination forms will be available. This period typically allows students sufficient time to obtain and fill out the forms before the deadline.
  4. Payment: Students may not need to pay it at the time of form submission.
  5. Form Submission: Students fill out the examination forms with accurate information and submit them to the designated submission points within the university campus or at specified locations. They may need to attach necessary documents such as fee receipts, ID proofs, etc.
  6. Verification: University staff verifies the submitted forms to ensure all required information is provided correctly. They may also cross-check fee payments and other relevant details.
  7. Record Keeping: The university maintains records of all submitted examination forms for future reference and administrative purposes.
  8. Issue of Admit Cards: Once the forms are processed, the university generates admit cards for each student, which serve as entry passes to the examination hall. These admit cards are typically issued a few weeks before the examination date.
  9. Communication: The university communicates important information such as exam dates, venue details, and any changes or updates regarding the examination process to the students via official channels.
  10. Examination Administration: On the day of the examination, the university ensures smooth administration of the exams, including seating arrangements, distribution of question papers, invigilation, and other necessary arrangements.
  11. Result Declaration: After the examinations are conducted and papers are evaluated, the university declares the results within a reasonable timeframe. Students can typically access their results online or throu