Canteen &


All hostel premises comprises of a separate dining facility in the Boy's and Girl's hostels. The weekly menu of the Mess is decided by the Student's Mess Committees to provide variety, nutritious and wholesome food to the students. The food served is of high quality and meets the acceptable quality standards of as laid down under FSSAI and other Government food safety regulations. Special consideration is given to provide a well-balanced, nutritional diet with varying food tastes. Special meals are provided on festival days. Purified cold and warm water (during winters) is provided to the students. To ensure pest free surroundings, pest control services of professional agency like PCI is utilized.

  • Vegetarian Food:- Nutritious and well-balanced vegetarian food is available at all three residential messes. The menu consists of different varieties of Dals, Rice, Chapati, Seasonal Veg, and Curd etc. and other festive food items are also provided with no additional charges.
  • Non-Vegetarian Food:- Non-Veg food is also available for students as desired. The facility is available at Red Hut in the campus at nominal charges.
  • Work-Friendly Environment:- Our cafe provides a comfortable and productive environment. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, ample charging ports, and a welcoming atmosphere that fosters focus and creativity.
  • Warm Hospitality:- Always our attentive staff is ready to cater to your need 24 hours a day, ensuring your visit is filled with comfort, good food and friendly service. Our commitment to your satisfaction knows no time.

Cafeteria - Round the clock Haven

Cravings know no schedule and the need for delightful dining experience can strike at any hour. We are proud to present our café, where the door never close and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and delectable dishes welcomes you all day Some of the food items like Tea, Coffee, Butter Milk, Butter, Patties, and Drinks/Beverages are also available in our 24*7 Cafe.

  • Unparalleled Ambiance:- HU café boasts a cozy ambiance, perfect for quiet solo moments and lively gathering with friends. Our inviting space provides the perfect backdrop for your moments of relaxation.
  • Gourmet delights around the clock:- From mouth watering breakfast options to hearty dinners and midnight snacks, our menu is crafted to satisfy every craving. Freshly prepared dishes showcase a fusion of flavors that will elevate the dining experience, no matter the hour.
  • Coffee Lover’s Paradise:- Our café is a haven of aromatic bliss. Sip on your favourite brews or a soothing cup of herbal tea for late night study session. Our baristas are dedicated to perfecting your coffee experience, ensuring each cup is a mater piece.