On-Campus Facilities

Haridwar University is a new generation, multi-disciplinary University that boasts of its world-class infrastructure. The campus has the uniqueness of many state -of -the-art buildings, sprawling lawns, well maintained playgrounds along with supporting facilities. It has been planned, designed and constructed to address broader issues that relate to resource and energy conservation. Hostel Infrastructure


Haridwar University, Roorke takes pride in exhibiting a state of art auditorium, located at the heart of the campus. It has been constructed keeping in mind the smallest of details and is well equipped with the latest technology. It portraits a perfect example of modern Architecture and is certainly one of its kind in the entire Northern India. As a result of the world-class infrastructure RCE over the years has been ranked among the "Top 10 engineering colleges in Uttarakhand". Auditorium is a multi-use concert hall with wonderful acoustics and a warm and welcoming ambience. It is a perfect venue for non-academic and academic events such as musical, dance and theatre performances, as well as lectures, conferences, videos respectively. The Auditorium has a large seating capacity and is centrally air-conditioned. It contains state-of-the-art lighting and a full range of audio-visual equipment. It houses a Dolby surround sound system and has a very powerful and specially imported projector for multiple uses ranging from showing slides to watching motivational videos and high resolution movies


It's usually a major step to enroll in a university to study. Of course, you’ll want the certainty of knowing where you are going to live. You’ll also want a place that fits with your studies and suits your social life. And most of all, you’ll want somewhere you’ll feel at home. Keeping in view the same philosophy, Haridwar University provides a secure, comfortable and healthy environment for all the residents of hostels. Modern sports and recreation facilities, including TVs, outdoor and indoor games, and other entertainment options, are provided in the tastefully designed dormitories. In a system with Wi-Fi enabled, web browsing capabilities are also included.

Presently, there are two in-campus boys hostel viz. KD Bhawan and ML Bhawan, with a total capacity of accommodating around 950 boy’s. University also has separate in-campus girl’s hostel viz PL Bhawan which can accommodate around 250 girl students. Each hostel is having separate study room along with newspaper facility.

Munna Lal Bhawan ( ML Bhawan) is one of the boy’s campus residences at Haridwar University with 539 seats capacity, derives its name from the name of Late Shri Munna Lal Ji, Grand Father of honourable Chancellor Sir CA S. K. Gupta Ji.

Krishna Dev Bhawan(KD Bhawan) is another boy’s campus residences at Haridwar University with 277 seats capacity, derives its name from the name of Late Shri Krishna Dev Ji, father of honourable Chancellor Sir CA S. K. Gupta Ji. The KD Bhawan was inaugurated by Ex Chief Minister of Uttarakhand Sri Harish Rawat Ji on December-12th, 2015. The KD Bhawan is meant for the new entrants every year.

Prem Lata Bhawan(PL Bhawan) is one of the girl’s campus residences at Haridwar University with approximately 250 seats capacity, derives its name from the name of Late Smt Prem Lata Ji, mother of honourable Chancellor Sir CA S. K. Gupta Ji. The PL Bhawan was inaugurated by Sri. Subodh Uniyal (MLA) on 22 March 2013. The PL Bhawan is meant for the girl students only.

Each hostel has a residential Faculty Warden, Assistant Warden, and Attendants who are being monitored by a Chief Warden of Haridwar University to promptly address the day to day issues of the hostel residents. To ensure security and safety of the hostel inmates 24X7 security guards are on duty and CCTV cameras have been installed for active surveillance. The medical facilities like ambulance, pharmacy are also available inside the HU around the clock.

The Online Suggestion/Feedback facility is also available through the local network to each hostel regarding Food, Room Maintenance, or any other Suggestions/Feedbacks and immediate action is taken within 24 hours.