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About Roorkee College of Smart Computing

Roorkee College of Smart Computing epitomizes an educational paradigm where dynamism meets diversity. Renowned for its avant-garde approach, It stands tall among India's premier engineering institutions. It champions a symbiotic relationship between academia and industry, ensuring students benefit from the wisdom of seasoned faculty and industry stalwarts adept at navigating the intricacies of contemporary engineering challenges.

At College, education transcends traditional boundaries, embracing a student-centric ethos underscored by project-based learning and a design-driven curriculum. This holistic approach cultivates not just adept engineers, but visionary problem solvers poised to tackle the complexities of a rapidly evolving world. Each facet of RCSC's pedagogical philosophy, from its emphasis on innovation to its unwavering commitment to fostering a passion for learning, reflects a profound dedication to nurturing well-integrated individuals primed for success in both professional domains and societal endeavors.

Roorkee College of Smart Computing
Roorkee College of Smart Computing

The mission of the Roorkee College of Smart Computing through its various programmes is to educate well-integrated individuals who possess technical and social competence to succeed in professional arenas and design solutions for global problems.

Our courses are designed to be hands-on, with a strong emphasis on practical learning. Provide hands-on learning opportunities through projects, internships, and real-world industry collaborations. Encourage students to work on practical assignments and participate in hackathons, coding competitions, and open-source projects. Invest in modern infrastructure including well-equipped labs, high-speed internet, libraries, and collaboration spaces to facilitate effective learning and research. Organize workshops, seminars, and conferences with international speakers to expose students to global perspectives and best practices in the IT industry.

Our Top Placement


  • Equip students with a strong foundation in scientific and mathematical principles essential for honing their professional expertise.
  • Foster the ability to integrate knowledge effectively, empowering students to identify and solve complex problems with innovative solutions.
  • Cultivate cultural awareness and social consciousness to navigate diverse global environments.
  • Nurture professional competence, intellectual maturity, and personal development, while instilling a commitment to ethical practices within the industry.
  • Develop proficient communication skills in written, oral, and visual formats to effectively convey ideas and collaborate in professional settings.

Key Highlights

  • Ranked 64th out of 170 Best Engineering Colleges of India by TIMES OF INDIA Ranking Survey 2023
  • Ranked 145th out of 200 Top Engineering Colleges of India by INDIA TODAY Ranking Survey 2023
  • Ranked 61th out of 125 Top Private Engineering College of India by TIMES OF INDIA Ranking Survey 2023
  • Ranked 18th out of 20 Top Engineering College of North Zone TIMES OF INDIA Ranking Survey 2023
  • Ranked 4th out of 7th in Uttarakhand by Open MAGAZINE Survey 2023
  • Ranked 104th out of 160 Top Private Engineering College of India by OUTLOOK MAGAZINE 2023.

Dean's Message

The College is dedicated to furnishing industry-tailored education that molds proficient engineers, visionary researchers, and creative innovators. Our mission is to empower students with a comprehensive grasp of the ever-evolving technological sphere, equipping them not only with the latest advancements but also with the foresight to navigate emerging trends adeptly.
Dr. Yashveer Singh
Industrial Collaboration
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