The HU Alumni Association seeks to reunite with our pass out students through Alumni gatherings and activities, as well as to support them in continuing to advance of their alma mater for a new era of HU'ians. It also binds previous students and felicitates those who have contributed outstanding contributions to their company. HU'ians makes a contribution significantly to India's development as an entire country.

Dean Alumni Message

Dear Alumni,

It gives me great pleasure to inform you that Haridwar University has appointed me to serve as Dean of Alumni Relations for this prestigious organization. I warmly welcome to all Haridwar University Alumni. Haridwar University, Roorkee collaborates with dedicated persons from a variety of disciplines to complete projects in the interests of its graduates. As alum, you understand this better than anyone else, and we value your ongoing commitment to improving the lives of others anytime and anywhere you can. This enthusiastic platform connects you and your batch mates to what's going on at HU. We are glad to be announcing a few initiatives that will further connect you with our students and activities. The first is an alumni login and alumni events, where we will meet and share the incredible memories of our faculty, staff, and students.

Our faculty members provide an unwavering foundation in the academic theories and principles of their specialty; they also provide students with insight into the practical concerns and challenges challenging their subject today. We encourage alumni to visit the campus when they have time and share their knowledge with India's next generation. We also encourage robust collaboration between students, instructors, and staff.

We are optimistic that these young brains will explore the company using their technical and management skills, as well as their innovative spirit. Our goal is to actively help you attract and discover the persons who are best suited to your needs, as well as to create a successful recruitment relationship. We are devoted to improving involvement through online queries and problems, if any exist. We take it in a constructive direction to benefit the students' lives. We aspire to establish long-term relationships with the alumni community, in which our alumni, faculty, staff, and students will work together to realize the Haridwar University purpose. Please join us in honoring how we are all doing meaningful work.

Mrs. Nisha Dhiman
Dean Alumni
Email: deanalumni@huroorkee.ac.in

Alumni Committee

S.No. Member name Designation Position
1 Mr. Nisha Dhiman Faculty Dean Alumni
2 Mrs. Sanjana Faculty Coordinator
3 Tusar Kansal Student Member
4 Ankit Chaudhary Student Member
5 Ranjan Rajput Student Member
6 Vishal Kumar Student Member
7 Nupoor Student Member
8 Shatwik Vikram Singh Student Member
9 Aman Singh Student Member
10 Mritunjay Singh Student Member

Alumni Chapter

  • The relationship of the parent Association with the Local Chapters will be governed by bye-laws of the Association.
  • The Executive committee may recognize a Local Chapter of the Association in any city provided it has 20 members enrolled. A centre with less than 20 members but more than five members will be recognized as a Sub-Chapter and it will be attached to the Local Chapter.
  • The Local Chapters shall not be normally, under the financial control of the Parent Association at Roorkee. However, if any Local Chapter organizes an activity using the name and patronage of the parent body, they will transfer 20% savings from the activity to corpus fund of the parent body at HU, Roorkee.
  • The Local Chapters should normally hold activities pertaining to their jurisdiction only. The jurisdiction of Local Chapters will be defined by the parent body from time to time.
  • Local Chapters will take prior approval of the parent body before organizing events of regional / national / global nature involving members beyond their jurisdiction.
  • In case annual revenue of the chapter exceeds one lakh, the accounts must be audited and certified copies of the balance sheet and audit report submitted to the parent body at Roorkee.
  • The Local Chapters may elect President and Secretary to manage the affairs of the Chapter. A meeting of all members of the chapter must be convened at least once a year.
  • The Secretary should furnish the names and addresses of the office bearers and a list of members of the Local Chapter to the Honorary Secretary once a year.
  • The Local Chapters may raise funds through suitable rate of subscription from the members.
Our Pride Alumni