University has seen the Student Clubs playing a pivotal role in the development of its students. Since these clubs are managed by the students, the level of commitment and sense of responsibility is quite high amongst its stakeholders thus ensuring their all round development. The prominent clubs of the University are Different students' club.


  • Saaz Music Club:- Saaz Music Club at Haridwar University is an elite music club engaging in various musical activities within and outside the university. It is a core student club promoting musical talents and fostering a vibrant music culture on campus.
  • Madhuram Dance Club:- Madhuram Dance Club is a vibrant student club at Haridwar University, promoting cultural exchange through dance. Students showcase their talents in various dance forms, fostering creativity and unity on campus. The club organizes events, workshops, and performances, enriching the university experience for all members.
  • Yuva Sports Club:- Yuva Sports Club is a student club at Haridwar University that promotes sports and fitness among students. The club organizes various sports events, training sessions, and competitions to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle on campus. Members benefit from teamwork, leadership skills, and physical well-being.
  • Kalki Drama Club:- The Kalki Drama Club at Haridwar University is known for its vibrant performances and talented members. Students showcase their acting skills in various plays, promoting creativity and cultural awareness on campus. The club's dedication to the arts enriches the university community and fosters a love for theater and holds numerous awards in drama and acting. Their record-breaking success showcases their dedication and talent in the field. With a history of excellence, they continue to inspire and set high standards for aspiring performers.
  • Soch Cultural Club:- Soch Cultural Club, a student club at Haridwar University, is responsible for organizing all cultural events on campus. From traditional festivals to modern performances, Soch Cultural Club ensures a vibrant and inclusive cultural experience for the university community.
  • Creative Lens:- This club offers photography, video shoots, design, animation, VFX, and other creative activities on and off-campus. Members explore their artistic talents, collaborate on projects, and enhance their skills