Social Service

Social Service


The goal of this practice is to appreciate the work done by the management, teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students of the institute and motivate them to excel in their areas of expertise. This practice would ensure continuous improvement in their performance as per the quality policy to achieve the Vision and Mission of the institute. The institute believes that a motivated workforce can be a significant factor in institute’s success. When staff and students are motivated to work at higher levels of their skills and abilities, the institute as a whole runs more efficiently and is more effective at achieving its objectives and goals.

Best practices followed in Haridwar University Initiative

  • Almost all street lights, toilets and corridors are provided with the LED fittings.
  • Auto flush and auto cut off system is installed in the hostel toilets to save electricity and water.
  • Use of renewable energy

Interactive solar power generating system is provided at the University campus. With the installation of this system 40 to 45 % of the total electricity requirement is met.


Every year students and faculty along with the garden staff plant trees. Subsequent care is taken by the gardeners. Due to this program over the years the campus has become lush and green.

Camps during Kanwar Mela

The Kawad or Kanwar Yatra is an annual pilgrimage undertaken by followers of Lord Shiva. It begins in Gomukh or Gangotri, where followers carry the holy Ganges water to Neelkanth in little pots. Lord Shiva is served it there. This yatra occurs in the Hindu month of shravan, or saavan, which falls between July and August. Haridwar University organizes rest and food camps for the followers of Lord Shiva every year.

Blood Donation Camps

Enthusiastic students and staff of Haridwar University contribute to Humanitarian Service The University of Haridwar arranged a number of blood donation camps. Over thousand young people gave blood during the various Blood Donation Camps, which were arranged by Haridwar University in collaboration with several prestigious organizations, with the goal of saving humanity. To encourage blood donors, the organizers gave out donor cards, certificates of appreciation, refreshments, and other treats. "These camps are very important for the society as they help in imbibing the value of selfless service of humanity among the students, the future of the youth," said the president of Haridwar University, praising the volunteers who voluntarily donated of their blood for the welfare of others. Blood donation is the greatest contribution one can provide to humanity, and Haridwar University has consistently supported public welfare. Ever since its establishment, Haridwar University has conducted sporadic blood camps in an effort to ensure that no one dies from a lack of blood.

Quiz Competition on the occasion of World Standards Day

Food Day Celebration

International Yoga Day Celebration