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Hon'ble Vice President

Mr. Naman Bansal completed his higher studies in management at the University of Westminster, London. As a young and dynamic individual, he possesses a keen understanding of the needs and aspirations of the younger generation. With a clear vision and mission, he has identified the essential requirements for modern education in engineering, agriculture, and management. His commitment to accessibility, accountability, and transparency ensures that we stay competitive and ahead of our peers.

Mr. Naman Bansal
B.Com (Hons) MBA (London)

Leader's Message

“Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.”
Evan Esar

Success is a lifelong process. It is the invisible thread that ties our prosperity together and strengthens our relationships with all the surrounding objects. Education is the foundation for building a civilized society. We feel immense pleasure to be the contributor of transformation of technology for shaping the nation. In order to achieve our vision and mission, we leave no stone unturned for the development of professional's career and goal.

HU provides highly qualified experienced faculty to train the brains of young learners for their journey in the growth of the nation. HU is an incubator for innovations and opportunities, an accelerator for great ideas. We have excellent infrastructure for multi-dimensional skilled environment assisting our young professionals for expanding the legacy of success stories at HU. In its endeavor to unearth the talent of the students, the university concentrates for all the possible ways to engage and empower future technocrats to develop the competency and leadership skills for the reputation of country worldwide. Our mission is to be excellent in professional education by educating more and more students, so that our country becomes more progressive and technologically developed. Our aim is to utilize the potential of this area and assist the students in realizing their own abilities and strengths.

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