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Research and Innovation

Haridwar University is a leading higher education institution in India, with a long history and reputation for academic achievement. To build on this tradition, the University has established its Research Council with the goal of promoting academic-industry collaboration, incubation, innovation, and entrepreneurial development.

The Research Council serves as a liaison between universities and industry, encouraging collaboration and partnerships between the two. This connection not only broadens students' knowledge and experience, but also serves as a platform for research and development in areas of mutual interest. This platform allows academics and researchers to apply the ideas they learn in the classroom to practical, real-world problems, so increasing their ability, visibility, and guaranteeing that the industry remains at the forefront of technology.

The Council also focuses on incubation and innovation with IIC, creating a supportive environment for students, researchers, and entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life. It caters the sufficient infrastructure, training, and finance approvals requests to transform breakthrough ideas into profitable enterprises. This will help in boosting the local economy by producing new employment and companies, Thus fulfilling its social commitment. Haridwar University recognises the value of entrepreneurship and innovation in terms of economic growth and employment generation. The council also promotes entrepreneurship among students and teachers by providing them with the skills, information, and resources they need to become successful innovators and business owners. This is achieved through training in intellectual property creation and its management, business development, marketing, and financial management, as well as mentorship from successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.

The Research Council has a crucial role to ensure that this tradition continues. The council is led by a team of professionals and academicians, research, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and provides a welcoming atmosphere for students, researchers, and entrepreneurs to develop their ideas to encourage research, innovation, intellectual property development, commercialization, and entrepreneurship.