Resume Building

Guest Lectures

Guest lecturers are organised for the students every semester to provide real-life exposure to the industry. On average, five industrial visits are arranged for every branch in a semester. Guest lectures are a main asset of HU. Corporate heads are invited to share their valuable insights from their rich experience about contemporary business issues, the challenges they have faced in their career, and how they dealt with them.

Industry Experts’ Talks

To enhance the industrial knowledge of students, industry experts’ lectures are conducted regularly on various current topics. Well-known experts from industry and academia share their experiences with students, which helps them enhance their knowledge and make them aware of the latest happenings and requirements in the corporate world.

Industrial Visits

Industrial visits are play a good role to give a vision of industry. Students are exposed to seen real life working of industries. It aims to provide the practical know-how of an industry work. Students get an opportunity to visit industry manufacturing units and will understand the application of the knowledge in global scenario. What is the upcoming are here to learn more here!