Research Promotion Policy

To foster a culture of research among faculty members and develop research skills among students. The policy will operate as a general framework that permits to conduct of research activities. Additionally, it seeks to pinpoint research focus areas that are socially relevant, therefore enhancing the University purpose and vision. The policy on research also highlights the importance of contributing to society and the country as a whole.


The above vision of the HU states unequivocally that "imbibing/retaining Human Values and Ethics" is a priority along with "Excellence in imparting education." It goes without saying that R&D-based education delivery is necessary for excellence in higher education. The importance of research and development is acknowledged in delivering higher education. Among the goals of the regulations are to-

  • To motivate the faculty, for issue of importance for the research.
  • Develop key human resources.
  • Collaborate on industry initiatives.
  • Disseminate research output to the society effectively and efficiently.
  • Provide quality education to post-graduates and undergraduates.
  • Conduct industrial consultancy projects.
  • Establish an advanced R&D Centre in the future to conduct cutting-edge research.
  • Enhance the University's brand.
  • Foster sustainable growth via research and technology development.
  • Attract students and industry professionals for Masters and Ph.D. Programmes.
  • Inspire for original research publications and patents.
  • Knowledge sharing through seminars, symposiums, workshops, and conferences. To boost R&D activities in the University, it has been determined to support them in a major scale in the following manner
  • The Director of School should confirm that the faculty member is the sole/first/responding/supervisor/ co-author in the published paper.
  • Giving full credit to published articles with Plagiarism less than or equal to 10% in any publication is permissible under the policy.
  • This policy covers only UGC, NAAC, and NIRF-approved journals.
  • The faculty member/author must clearly state his/her affiliation with Haridwar University in the published research work.
  • Teaching faculty at Haridwar University are considered Category I members, whereas non-teaching staff, teaching-supporting staff, other personnel, and UG/PG students are classified as Category II members. The award for these members will be offered as follows:
Category of Journal Category I (Faculty) Category II (Staff and Students)
Web of Science, SCOPUS
Rs. 4000/- for published paper Rs. 3000/- for published paper
Rs. 3000/- for published paper Rs. 1500/- for published paper
Rs. 2000/- for published paper Rs. 1500/- for published paper
  • Financial award rules:-
    1. If all writers are from Haridwar University, Roorkee, the reward shall be devided evenly among them.
    2. If one or more writers are from other universities, the reward will be depreciated by 20% per outside author. The remaining money will be split evenly among the authors based on their category.
  • All prize recipients will receive a consolidated sum for even and odd semesters in August and February of the academic year, accordingly. The aforementioned guidelines will only apply if the published article clearly indicates the author's affiliation with Haridwar University.
  • Therefore mentioned principles will apply regardless of a faculty member's duration of employment at the university. The primary goal of these Rules is to foster R&D activity inside the University. These rules may be updated from time to time depending on the findings of the Impact Assessment approved by the authority.


Employees of the University are encouraged to attend/present papers/seminars/conferences of national/international relevance, as follows:

(A) Permission to attend a reputable seminar or conference with paper accepted and presented

  • Category I Haridwar University (teaching faculty) can attend reputable seminars/conferences. The competent authority will decide on the topic and amount of the registration fee to be reimbursed based on the categorical proposal of the director/dean.
  • Faculty members may only attend reputable seminars/conferences (e.g., NITs, IITs, IIMS, TEQIP) are per calendar year. Faculty members must obtain proper clearance from the Vice Chancellor/competent authority for the Director's categorical proposal. He or she will be provided academic leave/special casual leave on the duration. The Seminar/Conference, upon receipt of the certificate and other verifiable proofs of participation. Travelling days may be included in academic leave/special casual leave with presentation of travel documentation. These leaves include Sundays and holidays.
  • The faculty member must share their observations and conclusions to their peers upon returning to the university and must submit detailed report and geo-tagged photos of the event and give a presentation.

(B) Permission to present papers Reputed Seminar/ Conference

  • Category II Haridwar University faculties can deliver a presentation at a Seminar/Conference without financial support if they have contributed a research paper as the first/sole author.
  • Employees who present a paper at a Seminar/Conference will be granted academic or special casual leave for the day of the presentation upon receipt of the certificate. Travelling days may include in academic leave/special casual leave with presentation of travel documentation. These leaves include Sundays and holidays.
  • The competent authority will decide on registration fees and approvals based on the Director's advice.
  • Haridwar University teaching faculty members in Category I are eligible for one award every semester within the country.
  • Employees (Category I and II) can receive partial financial support to attend international seminars/conferences outside the country, if their paper is accepted and they are the first/sole author as per approval of the management. The financial support will be based on the recommendation of the Director of the School, which must be approved by the Vice Chancellor.
  • Haridwar University faculties can get sponsorship for international conferences once every two years (Category I) and once every three years (Category II).
  • The Employees whose papers is approved for presenting at international seminars/conferences outside the country are entitled to academic leave/special casual leave for the day of presentation upon submitting the certificate of presentation.
  • In the case, where an employee receives financial support or academic leave/special casual leave upon returning from the conference will have to show presentation.

(C) Book/Book Chapters/Proceedings from national and international conferences.

Publishing papers in Scopus/WoS indexed conference proceedings or books and book chapters with ISBN/ISSN contributing Scopus/WoS H-index number would be considered Journal Category 'A'. Publishing books or book chapters in books with ISBN/ISSN will be classified as Journal Category B.

DISCLAIMER:- These research supports are perks, not rights, for employees. All of the regulations, licenses, and financial aid listed above are intended to encourage research orientation among staff, and their implementation is entirely at the discretion of the University's responsible authorities. Employees must constantly priorities their responsibilities to the University and its students. The provisions are subject to periodic review, modification, and alteration.